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 Placenta Encapsulation Services

Placenta Encapsulation

 Traditional Chinese Inspired :

Inspired by the Traditional Chinese medicine method of preparation. The placenta is cleaned, gently heating with fresh ginger and then  dehydrated before it is placed into capsules. This method of preparation is thought to release the placentas healing and tonifying properties as well as warming and healing the uterus


RAW Placenta Method :

 This method skips the heating process. The placenta is cleaned sliced, dehydrated and then placed into capsules. Some believe that steaming the placenta destroys some of the essential nutrients. This method is provides a burst of energy and optimum hormone stablization.


 This service includes a prenatal phone consultation, pick up and drop off, encapsulation, cord keepsake ( if cord is present), postpartum follow up.


* Currently priced at $250.