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Other Placenta Services

Placenta Tincture:

 Is an added bonus that can be used in addition to and long after your capsules are gone. Using high grade alcohol and tincturing a small piece of placenta you can increase the benefits of your placenta for both mother and child. The tincture can be used in any time of trauma,transition , emotional distress and for the mother later in life during menopause. It can also be used for both mom and daughter to help regulate hormones during monthly cycles.

Placenta Salve:

A salve made of your placenta, healing herbs and oils helps with

 C-section scars once they healed ,hemmoroids, diaper rash, perrineal tears,cracked or blistered nipples, eczema, and sunburn.

Placenta Smoothie:

 To be consumed as soon as possible after birth.  This smoothie offers a boost of energy and provides the body with maximum nutrients after birth.  It tastes no different than a regular fruit smoothie and can be made vegan/or dairy free.  A great starter until your pills arrive.


 * These placenta services range between $ 35-60 .